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Interpret Title Year Type Barcode Commentary Price Kč
Charles Mingus Presents Ch.Mingus/1960/2011/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 439.00
B.B. King Live At The Regal/1964/2009/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 008811164614 Orig.zabalene 359.00
Lang Lang-Valery Gergiev Rachmaninov-Piano Concerto No.2-Paganini Rhapsody/2LP/2005/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 028947982074 Orig.zabalene 399.00
Ludovico Einaudi Seven Days Walking/2xLP+7xCD/2020/+AL Box/ Vinyl to basket 028948187072 Orig.zabalene 2199.00
Rolling Stones Big Hits/1966/2003/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 042288232216 399.00
Ralph Peterson Presents The Fo`tet/1989/ Vinyl to basket 077779547524 j 139.00
Sting ...Nothing Like The Sun/2xLP/1987/2016/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 082839391214 499.00
Love Forever Change/1967/2001/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 090771510211 499.00
m.s. At zije Spejbl!/2020/140 g./ Vinyl to basket 099925661014 279.00
Floating Opera Floating Opera/1981/2021/140 g./ Vinyl to basket 194111006850 Orig.zabalene 299.00
Poker Red Neck Roller/1981/2021/140 g./ Vinyl to basket 194111007765 Orig.zabalene 299.00
Richard Muller Baal/1989/1990/ Vinyl to basket 3100441611 Condition: 100% 299.00
New Friends Baskery/2011/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 4028466315441 299.00
Saxon Strong Arm Of The Law/1980/2018/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 4050538347920 399.00
Sweet Savage Killing Time/1996/2017/140 g./ Vinyl to basket 4251267700943 299.00
Heritage Remorse Code/1982/2019/140 g./ Vinyl to basket 4251267702206 299.00
Remain out of anger Vinyl to basket 4260170843913 199.00
The Sonic Beat Explosion Sister Psychosis Vinyl to basket 4260281740033 259.00
PARCELS PARCELS/2018/180 g./ 2018 Vinyl to basket 5060525436512 259.00
Genesis Selling England By The Pound/1973/2008/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 5099943384518 379.00
Stray Move It/1974/2014/140 g./ Vinyl to basket 5291103811029 Orig.zabalene 299.00
Blitzkrieg Judge Not/2018/140 g./ Vinyl to basket 5700907265575 Orig.zabalene 339.00
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong Alla And Louis/1956/2013/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 600753458860 399.00
Blondie Hunter/1982/2001/2015/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 600753550373 379.00
o.s.t. Andrew Lloyd Webber`s Cinderella/3xLP/2021/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602435379654 trochu poškozený obal 499.00
Ringo Starr Zoom In/2021/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602435585802 439.00
Brian May Back To The Light/LP+2xCD+Book+Box/1992/2021/ Vinyl to basket 602435789439 Orig.zabalene 1499.00
Machine Gun Kelly Tickets To My Downfall/2020/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602507369088 599.00
Def Leppard Hits Vegas-Live At Planet Hollywood/3xLP/2020/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602507418502 Orig.zabalene 899.00
Horace Silver Quintet Songs For My Father/1964/2020/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602507440435 Orig.zabalene 359.00
Bee Gees Spirits Havings Flown/1979/2020/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602508005657 499.00
Frank Sinatra Sings Alan & Marilyn Bergman/1960/2019/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602508014093 399.00
Thin Lizzy Thin Lizzy/1971/2014/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602508017261 439.00
Thin Lizzy Johnny The Fox/1976/2014/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602508026386 399.00
City Of The Sun Chapter I & II/2020/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602508260117 Orig.zabalene 399.00
Billie Eilish When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?/7xVinyl-45 RPM/+Box/ Vinyl to basket 602508310270 Orig.zabalene 1399.00
Saint Asonia Flawed Design/2019/vinyl 180g/ 2019 Vinyl to basket 602508337277 299.00
Anti Flag 20/20 Vision/2020/140 g./ Vinyl to basket 602508350061 299.00
Atavist III: Absolution/2xLP/2020/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602508380518 499.00
Kandace Springs The Women Who Raised Me/2xLP/2020/ Vinyl to basket 602508626708 Jazz 459.00
Niall Horan Heartbreak weather/2020/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602508633867 399.00
Killing Joke The Singles Collection 1979-2012/4xLP/2013/2020/140 g./ Vinyl to basket 602508753527 1199.00
John Lee Hooker And Coast To Coast Blues Band Live At Montreux 1983 & 1990/2xLP/2020/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602508955341 559.00
Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells/1973/2009/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602527035314 459.00
Who Who Are You/1978/2012/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602537156306 379.00
Sam Rivers Contrasts/1980/2014/ECM/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602537435074 359.00
Dire Straits On Every Street/2xLP/1991/2014/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602537529148 399.00
INXS Listen Like Thieves/ Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, 180 Gram 2014 Vinyl to basket 602537778959 399.00
Frank Sinatra Sings Great Songs From Great Britain/1962/2014/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602537861316 Orig.zabalene 399.00
Frank Sinatra She Shot Me Down/1981/2014/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602537861323 379.00

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