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Interpret Title Year Type Barcode Commentary Price Kč
Visací Zámek Three Locks/1992/REFLEX/RED LP - RARE!! Vinyl to basket visaci Condition 100%! 4999.00
u2 All That You Can't Leave Behind (11LP Box set) Vinyl 180g Vinyl to basket 602507316761 Orig.zabalene 3999.00
Led Zeppelin CELEBRATION DAY (3LP BOX SET) 180g 2012 Vinyl to basket 081227971021 3999.00
Metallica S&M2/3xLP/2019/180 g./+2xCD+BLU RAY+Big Poster+Big Booklet+Box/ Vinyl to basket 602508860317 3xLP-Orig.zabalene-celý Box ne! 2799.00
Soundgarden Live From The Artists Den/4xLP/180 g./+D+BLU RAY/+Souvenirs...+Box/2019/ Vinyl to basket 602577631986 Orig.zabalene 2799.00
v.a. Hip Hop East Side Linia/2xLP/2003/140 g./ Vinyl to basket east side 2799.00
Slash 4-Feat.Miles Kennedy & The Conspirators/LP+CD+Audio Cassette/2021/+Little`s Souvenirs+Box/ Vinyl to basket 4050538759563 Orig.zabalene 2599.00
Beatles Abbey Road-Anniversary Edit./3xLP/1969/2019/+Box/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602508007446 Orig.zabalene 2599.00
U2 Songs Of Experience/2xLP/+DeLuxe Edit.CD/+Book+Download Card+Poster+Big Box/2017/ Vinyl to basket 602557977059 Orig.zabalene 1999.00
Doors L.A. Woman Sessions/4xLP/2021/2022/+Box/No.:005536/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 603497842230 Orig.zabalene 1999.00
Brian May Back To The Light/LP+2xCD+Book+Box/1992/2021/ Vinyl to basket 602435789439 Orig.zabalene 1499.00
Band Music From Big Pink/2xLP+Vinyl SINGLE+CD+BLU RAY Audio/1968/2018/+Box/ Vinyl to basket 602567480525 Orig.zabalene 1499.00
Orbital The Middle Of Nowhere/2xLP/1999/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 639842719421 1499.00
Billie Eilish When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?/7xVinyl-45 RPM/+Box/ Vinyl to basket 602508310270 Orig.zabalene 1399.00
Frank Zappa Zappa `88: The Last U.S. Show/4xLP/2021/180 g./+Booklet+Box/ Vinyl to basket 602435577029 1399.00
MEGAMAN X 1-8:the collection Vinyl to basket 216146464658 chybi LP 3 1399.00
Paul McCartney & Wings Band On The Run/2xLP/1973/2010/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 888072325661 1299.00
IRON MAIDEN POWERSLAVE / PICTURE Vinyl to basket 5099997295112 1299.00
IRON MAIDEN Somewhere In Time / PICTURE 2012 Vinyl to basket 5099997295518 1299.00
Beth Hart Bang Bang Boom Boom/2012/PICTURE LP/ Vinyl to basket 8712725739364 1199.00
Saxon Carpe Diem/LP+CD+Souvenir`s+Box/140 g./2022/ Vinyl to basket 190296444937 LP+CD-Orig.zabalene 1099.00
Airbourne Breakin` Outta Hell/2016/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602547991898 999.00
Killing Joke The Singles Collection 1979-2012/4xLP/2013/2020/140 g./ Vinyl to basket 602508753527 999.00
Deep Purple Come Taste The Band/2xLP/1975/2010/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 5099964786612 999.00
Queen A Night At The Opera/1975/2009/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 5099926658513 999.00
Moby Last Night/2xLP/2008/140 g./ Vinyl to basket 5099951830717 999.00
Def Leppard Hits Vegas-Live At Planet Hollywood/3xLP/2020/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602507418502 899.00
Slayer The Repen Less Killogy/2xLP/2019/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 727361419615 899.00
Lady Gaga Chromatica/2021/DeLuxe Edit./180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602435824932 899.00
Taylor Swift Red-Taylor`s Version/2xLP/2021/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602438633258 Orig.zabalene 899.00
Chemical Brothers Come With Us/LP+2x45 RPM/2002/ Vinyl to basket chemical 899.00
Beatles The Beatles/2xLP/1968/2012/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 094638246619 899.00
Queen Innuendo/2xLP/1991/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602547202819 899.00
David Gilmour Rattle That Lo-ck/2015/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 888751232914 899.00
Queen Made In Heaven/2xLP/1995/2015/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602547288271 899.00
Rolling Stones Metamorphosis/1975/2020/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 018771863113 Orig.zabalene 799.00
Rolling Stones Bridges To Buenos Aires/3xLP/1998/2019/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 5034504170926 799.00
OMD Souvenir/3xLP/1979-2019/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602577439148 Orig.zabalene 799.00
Nazareth Close Enough For Rock`n`Roll/1976/2010/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 803341403796 799.00
U2 Achtung Baby/2xLP/1991/2021/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602438686254 Orig.zabalene 779.00
Kiss Love Gun/1977/2014/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602537753741 779.00
Sepultura Roorback+Revolusongs/2xLP/2003/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 693723748313 699.00
Mick Jagger Wandering Spirit/2xLP/1993/2019/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602508118456 699.00
Iron Maiden Somewhere In Time/1986/2014/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 825646248544 Orig.zabalene 699.00
Lana Del Rey Blue Banisters/2xLP/2021/ Vinyl to basket 602438590148 Orig.zabalene 699.00
Gods Genesis/1968/2015/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 825646172375 699.00
Depeche Mode Some Great Reward/1984/2007/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 094637006313 699.00
Depeche Mode Construction Time Again/1983/2007/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 094638415718 699.00
Pink Floyd The Endless River/2xLP/2014/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 825646215478 699.00
Beatles Help!/1965/2012/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 094638241515 659.00

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