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Interpret Title Year Type Barcode Commentary Price Kč
Bert Jansch Rosemary Lane/1971/2001/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 8013252420184 399.00
Steve Miller Band Children Of The Future/1968/2018/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602567239048 399.00
Spock`s Beard The Oblivion Particle/2xLP/2015/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 5052205071717 659.00
o.s.t. John Williams Star Wars-The Last Jedi/2xLP/2017/2018/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 050087384715 999.00
o.s.t. Michael Giacchino Spider-Man-Far From Home/2019/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 190759659519 799.00
George Michael Listen Without Prejudice/1990/2016/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 888751452718 499.00
Rolling Stones Philadelphia Special/2xLP/1990/Off.Bootleg Clear LP/ Vinyl to basket tsp 050-2 999.00
Ayeron The Theory Of Everything/2xLP/2013/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 5052205066614 1199.00
XTC As The Dukes Of Stratosphear 25 O'Clock/2019/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 633367791115 Orig.zabalene 599.00
Rolling Stones El Mocambo 1977/2x2LP/2022/ Vinyl to basket 602438926633 Orig.zabalene 2399.00
Parson Sound Parson Sound/3xLP/1967-68/2010/+Box/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 7320470128831 999.00
Montrose Paper Money/2xLP/1974/2017/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 081227942168 599.00
giant sand purce slouch/2xLP/1993/ Vinyl to basket 748072111513 279.00
Giant Sand blurry blue mountain/2010/blue vinyl Vinyl to basket 889397601614 279.00
Dona Summer live & more encore 2LP 1999 Vinyl to basket 074646991015 659.00
Diana Ross Thank You/2xLP/2021/140 g./ Vinyl to basket 602438080793 299.00
Calexico Calexico Road Atlas 1998-2011/4xLP+4x2LP/+Book+Box/2012/180 g./LTD 0858 Of 1100/ Vinyl to basket 4250506803353 7999.00
Beastie Boys Solid Gold Hits/2xLP/2005/2011/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 094634466714 599.00
Nirvana Nevermind/1991/2021/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 720642442517 Orig.zabalene 799.00
Queen Greatest His/2xLP/1981/2016/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602557048414 799.00
Mňága A Žďorp Třínohý Pes Vinyl 180G 2017 Vinyl to basket 8594165700315 399.00
Kiss Rocks vegas nevada 2LP + DVD 2016 Vinyl to basket 602435173344 999.00
Bob Marley Uprising Live!/3xORANGE LP/1980/2020/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602508833168 699.00
o.s.t. Italian Crime-1973-1981 Piombo/2xLP/2022/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 8024709233523 499.00
Rush Permanent Waves-40th Anniversary/3xLP/1980/2020/180 g./ Vinyl to basket rush 1899.00
Chuck Berry The Great Twenty-Eight/2xLP/1982/2017/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602557624083 399.00
Sweet Fox On The Run/1973/2017/Yellow Vinyl/45 RPM/140 g./ Vinyl to basket 889854235512 Orig.zabalene 499.00
Meat Loaf Bat Out Of Hell II/2xPICTURE LP/1993/2020/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602508462030 999.00
Lynyrd Skynyrd Live At Knebworth/2xLP+DVD/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602435570006 699.00
J.J.Cale Roll On/2009/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 5060525435706 459.00
Cure Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras/2xLP/1990/2018/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602567430926 699.00
o.s.t. Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels/2xLP/2018/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602557733556 499.00
Charles Lloyd & The Marvels + Lucinda Williams Vanished Gardens/2xLP/2018/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602567588498 499.00
Abba Super Trouper/2xLP/1980/2020/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602508777707 599.00
Young Jeezy TM: 103-Hustlerz Ambition/2xLP/2011/2019/140 g./ Vinyl to basket 602577830228 699.00
Charlatans Wonderland/2xLP/2001/2018/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602567752202 599.00
Dizzy Gillespie Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac/1967/2019/140 g./ Vinyl to basket 602577460739 399.00
Nat King Cole Ultimate/2xLP/2019/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602577335556 499.00
Meat Loaf Welcome To The Neighbourhood/2xLP/1996/2019/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602577197918 899.00
Kaiser Chiefs Stay Together/2xLP/2016/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602557012613 499.00
Def Leppard Hysteria Live/2xLP/2018/2020/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602508547843 699.00
Metallica With MICHAET KAMEN Conducting The S.F. Symph.Orch./3xLP/1999/2015/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602547243072 999.00
Frank Zappa Zappa `88: The Last U.S. Show/4xLP/2021/180 g./+Booklet+Box/ Vinyl to basket 602435577029 1199.00
Tata Bojs Kluci kde ste?/2007/2022/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 099925677411 559.00
Diablo Swing Orchestra Swagger & Stroll Down The Rabbit Hole/2xLP/2021/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602438429004 299.00
Robin Trower long misty days / in city dreams 1997 Vinyl to basket 5017261203496 299.00
Guns N`Roses Use Your Illusion I & II / 12LP + BD Box Set, Deluxe Edition 2022 Vinyl to basket 602445116522 11999.00
Dire Straits Brothers In Arms/2xLP/1985/2018/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 602537529070 499.00
The Beatles The Beatles/ Box Set, Compilation, Stereo, Reissue, Remastered, 180 Gram/16 x LP 2012 Vinyl to basket 5099963380910 9999.00
Jan Spálený Asi v tom bude nějakej háček/1985/2022/180 g./ Vinyl to basket 099925676810 Orig.zabalene 479.00

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